Ottawa Boat Detailing

Dry/wet sanding project on a 2011 Seadoo

Dry/wet sanding is a very effective technique to remove 90% of scratches on a boat. Best left to the professionals, sanding a boat can bring back a boat to its original show room shine. Had a pretty unique call from a customer’s friend who had scratches all over his boat from dock rash. Always love a good challenge so couldn’t say no to this job!

The Seadoo in question was docked on the Ottawa River and happened to rub against the dock for an extended period of time, creating thousands of scratches over the whole boat. Dry sanding the hull was the key to bring this boat back to life.

You can see in these pictures the amount of scratches in the finish of this boat. To be removed, a dry sand technique was necessary to even out the surface and prep it for wet sanding.


Some more isolated scratches on the starboard side


And after some wet sanding steps, compounding and polishing, the final product.


Best left to the professionals, dry sanding techniques are what evens out the gel coat to a flat surface, allowing it to be compounded and polished to a deep shine. Another happy customer!